Saturday, September 29, 2007

Major Studio Interface : PortableMonitor / Practice presentation


(video here)

PortableMonitor is a value fiction design of a digital empowered adhesive tape.

It works as a multitouch visual interface.
It can be resized on the fly by the user just adding or subtracting tape to the initial configuration.
It can connect to other computer and use them as source of computing power.
It recharges itself through solar energy.

PortableMonitor features

1- Classic tape look&feel
2- Digital visual output
3- Configuration conscious
4- Touch sensitive
5- Self energy supplying
6- Computing powered
7- Networked
8- Tough


We imagine the inner structure of the tape as particle based.
Each particle is an independent object capable of all the required features.
The particles can then be grouped as layers of functionality.

Features related technologies

Digital visual output:

Epaper video

Epaper Technology

Configuration conscious - Computing Powered - Networked:



Touch sensitive:

Touch sensitive Epaper

Peratech, Digital Print CIC solution for NASA

Self energy supplying - Tough :


Super tough nanotube threads


Classic paper can be cut in almost any point of its surface.

As portableMonitor is made of various layers of tiny electronic devices it can't be cut on all of its surface thus a problem of Cutting resolution rises.

It can be solved setting up cutting areas and non cutting areas or making the devices that compose it so small to be equivalent to the fibers of traditional paper.

Collateral application

One pixel camera


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