Thursday, March 20, 2008

Interaction Design definition

Interaction design is the creative design of the interaction between people and devices, systems or services. This interaction usually involves the ‘new technologies’ of computing and communications.

But interaction design remains a design activity – like architectural, graphic or product design. And it concerns the social value and cultural meaning of what is designed, not only its functional efficiency and visual appeal.

I like this definition.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Design And the Elastic Mind


I've just come across the website about the new Moma show "Design and The Elastic Mind".
I find it super interesting as it shows the History and the connection of works belonging to many different Interaction Design subfields.

the website itself is a great infovis piece too.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008



So, the Spring semester has started almost two months ago and I still have not updated the blog yet...

for this semester I decided to focus on some of my interests and joined some great classes

Magic++ by Zach Lieberman
Geek Graffiti by Evan Roth
Cinema Theory and Practice by Antony Deen
Major Studio : Interaction by Katherine Moriwaki
Jazz and Animation collaboration project by Ernesto Klar and Ben Katchor

In Magic++ we're working with magicians to digitally enhance their tricks. We are using openFrameworks, an open source c++ framework that makes many difficult things easier.
Right now we're focusing on image processing and have just started to explore some basic real time computer vision techniques.

In Geek Graffiti we are using the city environment as a communication medium, first finding some kind of "system" to hack in order to spread some kind of message.

Cinema Theory and Practice is a super interesting class where we are studying the history of Cinema to understand why and how it has evolved.

Katherine is taking on the work done in the last semester in Major Studio: Interface, focusing on human-computer interactions. Right now I've started working on the phonoCamera project, a personal project I'm going to develop until the end of the semester.

Last but not least, in the Jazz and Animation collaboration project I'm working with Yael, a talented illustrator and Mark, a gifted composer, to create a fifteen minutes performance that merges Jazz and real time music visualization. Our current idea can be synthesized by the concept of "Fluid Field" ; we are imagining a sound reactive liquid surface that visualize the music that is currently being played through waves of colors. Probably we're going to work on this using vvvv as it enable us to create and manipulate a 3D environment in real time with access to audio analysis.

More info on each project to come ;)