Monday, December 15, 2008

Notes from Stadium review by Hsiang Ju

The fallowing is my note of feedback, hope they are helpful.

repeated words: successful, simple, control, shape, quality
Personal reasons for making a new instrument?
What is this instrument for in reality? For personal performance?
Do you want to make it more close or more open? personal/public?
The relationship between inputs and outputs. buttons and sounds. shape

sculpture, physical, virtual, mapping, dynamic system, data visualization
(I'm so happy that you use my suggested title! yeah~)
Why physical objects?
More possibility in virtual space, and it can put in to multiple digial output, like a book.
Strong motivation and background, clean
Fantasy of people having power as water is great

intimate, slow down, i like, photograph, complicated
Sharing memory with a different way.
Forcing people to slow down is good.
People look like dynamic thing instead of 2d photos.
Want to see two sides of the device physically matched and synchronized

touching, i like, individual, memorial, event
Individual is hard to see with a drop of ink
Container's look and feel
Where it takes place impacts how it should be
Presentation of individual and collected impacts is great but it has not been reached
Display issue and make each drop more individual
What kind of feeling will viewers get, what will they think about seeing this
Time issue

crisis, educational tool, fun, simplify, metaphor, gambling
(I like the demo)
Why is it important to understand economic at this detailed level?
How to make it fun, who are the players, what knowledge would they have before they play?
For experts or...?

(I couldn't hear what happened during critics testing the prototype)

What is the reward of winning?
How to maintain the connection after the game
Goal? Many players? Private or public?
Collection of data from participants is challenging.
How to apply into a board game? actions in real world/ playing with cards

graffiti, mechanism, people, quality, nice
Not sure about the graffiti? Information offered?
What happens with crowdy places? Rush hour?
Openframe Work's Theo knows how to do the 3d effect easily.
Good documentation needed
Legal and security issue. Be careful.

cool, visualization
What happens if people cheat?
A normal/ personalized ping?
Connection from ping to the web
Make it what you want it to be, not something between two media ages.
Trash cans on the street?
A project can recognized if people throwing non-recycling thing into recycling section.

Hsiang Ju


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