Monday, November 10, 2008


"Our lifes are nothing but collections of pictures, of postcards without a name and address lost in the postal service of our memories, letters without an adressee that float until they dissapear in the train station we choose to get off life. I assume that is why we're image fetichists, true semiotic animals, sons of film, TV, and photography.

I think the best way to get to know people is not seeing their photo albums time and again, but understanding instead why they organized their images in the way they did and why they keep those and not others. In this sense, knowing the sensations the person you love felt on his or hers first trip to the beach is way more important than knowing the date or the color of the bathing suit. I also value much more images that are apparently banal than those which are sterotypes of "images to share" (weddings, baptises, graduations, births, divorces, birthdays). Everyone can know why he or she remembers his or hers prom night, but probably not why he or she keeps a strong memory of the impression caused by a video on the tongue seen in kindergarten. These memories, those we're not forced to keep, are eventually those which sculpt our dreams and those that best represent who we are. If I were to define myself in a single image, I would most certainly use one of those."

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