Monday, August 11, 2008

First meeting with Marko, a sound confusion!

To do:

List all the characteristics of analog photography both from a design point of view and user point of view.

List all characteristics digital photography.

Compare the two.

Is something missing, lacking in digital photography compared to film one?

Graphic map about all related to this thesis problem.

Look all the projects in

If so:

what is missing and how is affecting the value of the photographic practice.

As the photographic object is digitized, dematerialized, how this influence its fruition. (Critic design - Hertzian Tales - A.Dunne).

How to restore the lost component, propose a solution, it must be democratic, shocking, groundbreaking.

How to:

Explore photography history.

Look for optical experimentations through the ages.

Go back to the core of what photography is, wipe out all the current concepts (how traditionally photography is perceived and designed) and focus on the core features and aims of this practice, then try to think about the various possible paths to accomplish it maybe using other metaphors (right now we're using the metaphor of target and shoot - maybe there are other more interesting?) - create a photo, whose nature is not photographic!

We also talked about:

Harmonic resonance, how everything is connected and interwoven, human consciousness program.

The difference of photography and filming. Their limitations and points of intersection.

Crazy photographic experiments and art pieces, the artist who uses a VAN as a camera, 3D vision, dreams and different modes of interactions (eye blink, open and hug instead of target and shoot?), one pixel camera project.

Exponential vs logarithmic curves of quantity over value, quality of photography especially in the consumer market.

The research domains and sub domains: photography, interfaces, sociology.

My first initial solution to the set problem was an open source camera platform, an idea that Marko judged to be too broad, not democratic enough and not innovative.

Think about:
Different uses of light? not only one flash, multiple of them and delayed, 360 cam.

Objection: maybe people don't value their photo... if so the project is voided -> I don't think that people don't give value to what they take a photo of. When you choose to capture something in an image is because that moment is valuable and important enough to be fixed in time.

Super hi speed sampling with a camera, having as an output a fixed image but slowly moving in time -> it will take more space but it will retain more spatiality and will change over time!

Think also about the ways we keep digital photos: usually they're kept as FILES and experienced on SCREENS. Just a very small percentage of the digital shots is printed, materialized in an object to be perceived outside the screen, this is a huge lost in value. What about a frame, a digital one, that can contain all the digital photos about a certain subject (tags) and very slowly visualize them over TIME. In this way digital files will surprisingly enter back in our physical lifes causing surprise and letting them being appreciated from a whole new perspective and added value.

Think about paper, it has been for many years the first support besides film to put photo on, but is clear it is not the optimal solution for the nature of digital files. Paper as camera, is bot a photocamera and the surface to reproduce the images and can be bent to achieve image distortion.

Scanner + laptop camera.

What about a system made of two object, a camera one who can just capture images and a display one who can just visualize the pictures taken by that particular camera, they are linked and the photo taken are JUST for the person who holds the second object.

No immediate visualization of the taken image, no automatic features, all manual

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