Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sounds from Brooklyn


The soundFishing interface strikes back, I used it to capture some sounds directly from my life here in Brooklyn during the past three months.

If you want to listen to them or use them in a audio piece just follow this simple steps to get them:

- if you are using Firefox just follow this link, it will take you to a list that you can read directly from the browser.

- if you are using iTunes, open it, go in the Advanced tab, click on Subscribe to Podcast and paste this link in the window.

- if you are using other rss feed readers just copy and paste this link into your reader feed subscription area.

Use the sound samples as you want, they are copyleft.

If you are more interested in how I achieved this and maybe you want to use the soundFishing interface prototype on your own to capture sounds from your life then follow this link which explains everything you need to know about this.


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