Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Major Studio Interface : 5 Scenarios with Tape

Carrie Mae Kreyche

Claudio Midolo

Sandhya Moraes

Value Fictions

1. Form conscious Tape

2. Portable Monitor

3. 3D Scanner/Texture recorder

4. Chat tape enabler/virtual communicator

5. Invisible wrap tape


3. 3D Scanner/Texture recorder

"Contact 3D scanners probe the subject through physical touch.

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is an example of a contact 3D
scanner. It is used mostly in manufacturing and can be very precise.
The disadvantage of CMMs though, is that it requires contact with the
object being scanned.

Thus, the act of scanning the object might modify or damage it.
This fact is very significant when scanning delicate or valuable
objects such as historical artifacts. The other disadvantage of CMMs is
that they are relatively slow compared to the other scanning methods.

Physically moving the arm that the probe is mounted on can be
very slow and the fastest CMMs can only operate on a few hundred hertz.
In contrast, an optical system like a laser scanner can operate from 10
to 500 kHz.

Other examples are the hand driven touch probes used to digitize clay models in computer animation industry."


4. Chat tape enabler/virtual communicator

5. Invisible wrap tape

Future Watch: An Invisibility Suit

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